Jaywick Martello Tower seeking interpretation support 

The team at Jaywick Martello Tower have a budget of £500 and would like to commission someone to create an advisory report they can use to develop the interpretation and accessibility of their displays. 

The full brief can be download here [PDF]. Please share with anyone you think may be interested! JMT would like the work to be carried out by March, and the deadline to get in touch is Friday 4 February. All enquiries related to this to be directed to Charlotte Paxman, site manager – Charlotte.Paxman@essex.gov.uk

Jaywick Martello Tower is a unique arts and heritage centre on the Essex coastline. Built in 1809, it is one of twenty-nine defences built on the east coast of England to defend the country from attacks from Napoleon Bonaparte and his armies. The Tower plays a pivotal role within the local community and surrounding areas of Jaywick Sands and is a key tourist destination, attracting an average of 8,000 visitors per year

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