Break in at Hollytrees Museum 

An appeal has been launched after five rare medals have been stolen from Hollytrees Museum in Colchester. The three gold and two bronze pieces went missing from a display cabinet, following from what appears to have been a targeted break-in just after 8.30pm on Tuesday 1 March. CCTV has now been released of the robbery in action. The perpetrator left within one minute and there was no sign of rushing. The speed in which it was committed and the level of control is worth noting. 

The exhibits, which date from the second half of the 19th Century, had been on show since last May but were repositioned recently and include medals awarded to Paxmans at the Crystal Palace Electrical Exhibition, the Paris Exposition Universelle International, and Australian International Exhibition in Sydney.

More information, and pictures of the medals can be found here: Hollytrees Museum: thieves target rare medals | Colchester Borough Council

If you have any specific queries or concerns relating the security of your museum you can contact Stephen Armson-Smith, the Heritage Crime Prevention Lead for Essex Police:

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