Culture24: Digital Storytelling with a Collections Focus

Is your museum making the most of its digitised collections content online? Finding the right channel, tone, voice, and techniques to reach and connect with audiences online isn’t easy. This course will explore the specific tensions and challenges that digital storytelling can pose. It will focus on the many advantages that museums and collections offer in this space.

This online course is aimed at anyone based in a small or medium-sized museum who is tasked with creating content for online platforms yet isn’t a digital content specialist. Two people from each participating museum should attend all three sessions.

Dates: 10:00-12:00, 29 June, 6and 13 July

Places are limited to three per region so museums must complete an Expression of Interest (EOI) for this training by 1st June.  For further details and EOI click here

This course is being run jointly with London Museum Development and South East Museum Development.

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